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What we do

Professor Cathal Moran and his clinical specialist team are passionate about helping athletes and patients recover from pain and injury through expert diagnosis and treatment planning. 

Our practice emphasis is on enhancing repair and regeneration in your body.

We utilise exercise therapy, injection therapy and minimally invasive surgical procedures where possible.

Our specialist team will work together to help you achieve the best outcome possible.


During your first consultation, Professor Moran will carry out a comprehensive assessment and provide an expert diagnoses and treatment plan.

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Sports Medicine

Professor Cathal Moran has a special interest in sports medicine and the surgical mangagement of sports injuries of the knee and shoulder.

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Joint Preservation

Professor Cathal Moran is a specialist and world renowned leader in the provision of cartilage repair and reconstruction surgery. 

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Regenerative Medicine

Professor Moran has extensive experience in the field of Orthobiologics and Regenerative Medicine, providing opinions for both patients and colleagues in regenerative medicine, biologics and cell therapy. 

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In an effort to trial non-surgical options, injection therapy may be recommended where appropriate. We offer a number of injection therapy options which will be discussed fully during your consultation.

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Professor Moran is passionate about research. He holds the position of Professor of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, and has published extensively in academic journals and presented internationally in this area.

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Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning

Exercise and physiotherapy is a key aspect of your treatment. We work with Ireland’s leading physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists across the country, enhancing the prospect of excellent outcomes for our patients and athletes. 

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Medico Legal

Professor Moran provides medico-legal services for patients including the provision of comprehensive reports for solicitors.

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Our practice focus……

Providing an expert diagnosis and treatment plan which is fully explained to you in simple language

Providing care by an experienced surgeon and specialist clinical team

Exploring non-surgical treatment options for you

Delivering high quality specialised surgical procedures

Supporting you through rehabilitation and recovry


We help patients and athletes of all ages get back to increased levels of activity and comfort.


Professor Cathal Moran is one of Ireland’s leading specialists in the provision of care for knee or shoulder pain and injury. We have now established an experienced and expanded practice team to cover all aspects of your care regardless of your level of activity or stage in life. In addition to providing care to professional athletes and teams, we also look forward to helping patients and athletes of all ages get back to increased levels of activity and pain relief.

What our patients say

“I just wanted to write to say thanks for the excellent treatment. I seen you in January as I was worried about training when my knee had some swelling post meniscus surgery. My mindset changed after that appointment as I just needed reassurance that it was safe to push my body again. This ultimately led to my success on the track in the months to follow.  I ended up having a fantastic season and broke a 24 year old national U23 4×400 record recently at the European Championships in Finland, where we finished 8th in the final.”

Aaron Keane 21yrs, Ireland Athletics

I was suffering with shoulder instability for a couple of years. It really impacted my ability to perform at a higher level. I had stabilisation surgery under Prof. Moran and have made a full recovery. Prof. and his team took great care of me guided my rehabilitation back to play

Sarah, 22yrs Camogie Player

I had a knee replacement under Prof. Moran’s care and it has given me a new lease of life. I can now go on daily walks without being in pain. Big thanks to Prof. & his team for looking after me and helping me get back on my 

Patrick, 68yrs

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